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X-Men 97 Episode 3 Review Plus 5 Questions!

Hey it's Scott from Stream Punk Cinema and episode 3 of X-Men 97 is still awesome. Lot to be impressed with so today so a quick recap plus I have 5 questions going forward plus my…

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Fan Expo Dallas To Return This Weekend Is Packed With Celebrities

Are you in the Dallas area or wanting to make a road trip that would be worth going? Then I have the perfect trip for you. Or the perfect vacation. It’s called Dallas Fan Expo, June…

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Reacting to the Passing of Legendary Tina Turner – Our Thoughts

Ryan O'Regan - "While I am more or less a generation apart from the peak of Tina Turner's career, it's easy to say that we all grew up on her, in one form or another. As…

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Why Thousands (Including Me) Could Become Collateral Damage If the WGA Writer’s Strike Continues

Image by aoyon rahman from Pixabay At 12:01am this morning, the Writer's Guild of American officially went on strike, stopping the writing of scripts and bringing Hollywood (and even to a lesser degree the rest of…

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As Alec Baldwin Film “Rust” Is Increasingly Old News, Concerns About Safety Still Continue

Working in the film industry I remember the day word broke on the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the Alec Baldwin film Rust. After years in the film industry, and having (among…

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Ted Lasso Is Back! Season 3, Episode 1 Spoiler-Free Review (Hint: It’s Awesome)

Right up front I was late to the Ted Lasso party. Unlike many of the fans of this amazing series I didn't start watching until late 2022, finishing the final episodes of season 2 in the…

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Why I’m Nervous As Heck Over the Potential Hollywood Writers Strike

There's been rumors bouncing around for months, that the Writer's Guild of America was considering a strike when their contract is up April 30, 2023. The chance of a strike in the film industry typically runs…

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