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Fan Expo Dallas To Return This Weekend Is Packed With Celebrities

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Are you in the Dallas area or wanting to make a road trip that would be worth going? Then I have the perfect trip for you. Or the perfect vacation. It’s called Dallas Fan Expo, June 9th-11th and it’s got everything you would want. Let’s first talk about the amazing celebrities that are going to be there starting off with Hayden Christensen aka Anakin Skywalker, Joseph Quinn, AKA Eddie, from Stranger Things, Carrie-Anne Moss, and so many other fandom’s like cast members from Clerks, Cobra Kai, Daredevil, National Lampoon, the Office, and much more.

On the voice acting front you have some very talented voice actresses like legendary Tara Strong known as bubbles from power puff girls, Raven from teen titans, Miss minutes from Loki and so much more, Jodi Benson from Little Mermaid, Kathleen Herles aka the voice of Dora the explorer, My Hero Academia, the list goes on.

Let’s start off talking about panels. The best thing about going to panels is you get to know more about the celebrities and you usually get to ask them questions at the Q&A session of each panels. Also, they’re a good way to just be able to sit back and listen and usually have a good laugh. Some panels do costs, so make sure to check out the website. Other things that you can do app, Dallas fan expo is go shopping. There’s nothing better than a vacation then being able to shop, there will be all kinds of different vendors at this event ones that will sell comic books, Funko, pops, toys, action figures, props, mystery boxes, and so many other things that it will blow your mind. Lotta times it’s cheaper buying from a vendor than it is finding it on eBay. Some free events that you can attend while being there is there doing a screening of Pokémon the first movie at that you’ll be able to participate in trivia, games, win some prizes, and take pictures with Pikachu. Another event that they are doing is a blue’s clues scavenger hunt, and you can win prizes as well for that. If this is your first time going to this event, then I have some tips for you first tip is wear deodorant because they can get really hot in there really easily.

HUGE TIPS: Bring Cash! There will be vendors and celebrities that take card and there will be an ATM (that charges a fee), but it always helps to bring cash because there will be things that are cash only. Next tip I suggest is wear comfortable shoes because you’re going to do a lot of walking. Another tip that I suggest is bringing a stool and you may be asking why because if you are there for celebrities, there will be lines from my experience it’s always help to bring one. Another tip is ask permission first before taking pictures of cosplayers. You’re going to see a lot of different people dressed up. Most of the time it’s not a problem and they’ll normally pose for you. Another helpful tip for you is if you are getting autographs and you’re getting prints done I suggest bringing a scrapbooking album. It’s the best way to protect them. Also, make sure to stay hydrated throughout the entire show. Last tips that I suggest is to have fun that’s what the show is for.

So just remember that this con is June 9 through the 11th at the Kay Bailey Hutchison center for more information on time go to:

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