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Reacting to the Passing of Legendary Tina Turner – Our Thoughts

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Ryan O’Regan – “While I am more or less a generation apart from the peak of Tina Turner’s career, it’s easy to say that we all grew up on her, in one form or another. As a movie fan, it’s hard to deny the weight of her story, as told through “What’s Love Got To Do With It?”. Tina became the inspiration & the cautionary tale for all female performers in entertainment; a rise, fall, & resurrection of immense talent that would help guide many a future songstress to believing that drive & passion truly are stronger than those that hold you down.

While “Pop” had Madonna & “Country” had Dolly, Tina went on to become the “Queen of Rock & Roll”; a title never before uttered for any woman prior, let alone a black woman. And when she performed, she was energy incarnate; the ironic images of her slack-jawed & sweating while on stage proved that she shook every tailfeather she had during every show.

To take a line from one of her many hits, “We Don’t Need Another Hero”… because we already had Tina.

JD Walker – “Tina Turner was a legend in every sense. My parents were big Motown fans so she was part of the music rotation I heard a lot growing up. “River Deep Mountain high” is one of my favorites, and “What’s Love got to do with it” has probably been a feature in more movies/tv shows than I can count. She’s been a fixture for over 60 years with an absolutely incredible career, she will be deeply missed.”

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