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Witnessing Game Grumps LIVE; I’m Gonna Pre, Dude!

Game Grumps: Tournament of Gamers In Person! - Image Credit: Ryan O'Regan - Stream Punk Entertainment It's fair to say that "Internet/YouTube success" is a fickle mistress. For as many people attempt to strive & thrive…

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AEW Collision 7/8/23 – Saturday Night IS Alright For Fighting, After All!

After a few weekends of AEW's newest endeavor taking hold, it's become much more clear the separation between Collision & the brands tentpole program; Dynamite. From this layman viewers perspective, AEW Collision does it's best to…

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Reacting to the Passing of Legendary Tina Turner – Our Thoughts

Ryan O'Regan - "While I am more or less a generation apart from the peak of Tina Turner's career, it's easy to say that we all grew up on her, in one form or another. As…

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