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Witnessing Game Grumps LIVE; I’m Gonna Pre, Dude!

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Game Grumps: Tournament of Gamers In Person! – Image Credit: Ryan O’Regan – Stream Punk Entertainment

It’s fair to say that “Internet/YouTube success” is a fickle mistress. For as many people attempt to strive & thrive online, only a percentage of them succeed, let alone for an extended amount of time while staying relevant to their audience. And even fewer than that are capable of accomplishing what the Game Grumps (Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan) have with their Live show; bring their success full circle Back to the fans.

When I was a kid, a LIVE show was either a circus or Disney characters ice-skating. You just sat there, applauded, bought a cheap flashlight toy that broke weeks later, and that was it. Lots of people have put on stage shows; from musicians to comedians to Broadway actors.

But I can’t remember anyone that’s been able to incorporate ALL 3 of those previously-mentioned talents… while Also including video gaming, audience participation & become an homage to their career like a Taylor Swift “ERAS” performance.

From the Q&A that a lucky few were able to experience before the show to a show-stopping example of gamesmanship from Arin that is 8 years in the making, the Game Grumps’ latest stage spectacle (Tournament of Gamers) gives back to the fans in a big way. The shirts-off dance-off from Nathan Barnett’s DAD BOT to open up the show can be quite the starmaker (especially if you’re a recently Wed guy named Barry celebrating your birthday at the show) & helps get the audience hyped & loud for what’s to come. The main show itself is an amalgamation of everything fans have come to expect, love and admire about the Grumps over their decade of degenerate dominance. What starts off as a long-form Game Grumps Versus episode winds up becoming a sprawling narrative with hidden GG lore, guest appearances and constant humor that keeps the people in attendance riveted Game after Game. It’s more than any fan could expect; you’re not just watching a Let’s Play or a story… you’re IN one. For anyone that’s ever wished to do what the boys do, or to at least feel like a fly on the wall when they record an episode… this is it.

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