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US Masters Artistic Swimming Returns To the West Coast

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The annual US Masters Artistic Swimming competition returned to the west coast yesterday as the 4 day competition got underway in Sunny (but frankly pleasant) Oro Valley Arizona, just outside Tuscon. This article is meant to be a short one but a continuing one as I talk about the coming days.

With participants traveling from the for corners of the Contintal US and competing in age ranges from 20-29 all the way up to an 80s category contestants joined in friendship and competition in several categories, including free form, tech and more, all set to music ranging from 80s rock to present day to even pop culture, including the theme to the classic anime Cowboy Bebop (called Tank) and a song that gave me a personal laugh the Forest Maze level from Super Mario RPG. Gotta love it.

Included this year was the first ever Gender Inclusive category, featuring gender neutral participants from DC and Texas. We caught some time with them and will be posting interviews once completed. 

I’ll be doing daily updates on the event, including my wife competing for the first time ever tomorrow morning (and again Saturday) Nerves to be sure, but confident just the same. Regardless of the results, she’s a hero back home, and a hero to me as well.

For more info, you can check out the following links for results from the first day’s events, plus pictures, video and more.

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