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Ted Lasso Season 3, Episode 2 Review WITH SPOILERS & SPECULATIONS

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With the excitement and long anticipation of the first episode of the Apple TV series Ted Lasso out of the way many including myself went into episode 2 looking at it differently. I’ll be breaking that down, this time absolutely with spoilers so scroll down if you’re okay with that or already saw it and want my thoughts & guesses on where the season goes. Y’all have been warned. If you haven’t read it yet, I did review episode one of the new season spoiler free. Feel free to check it out.

We start off episode two with a development that was shown in the trailers, Trent Crimm returns. No longer with the Independent, and rather (as Ted and his father put it) now independent he’s writing a book on AFC Richmond which was something I always suspected could happen for season three. As also suspected, the club has a difficult time embracing him, especially Roy, who as it turns out was a young 17 year old that Trent trashed as a rookie, an article Roy kept for years as a source of both anger and inspiration. As Trent said later, writing what he did about Roy was an attempt to be edgy, and something that many, including myself can look at in our own pasts and relate to. Seeing the normally confident & a bit smug Trent become intimidated being around the club was new for the character, but a welcome emotion as he’s adapting to being out of his element, especially getting startled when Roy finally got his attention. Having covered Major League Soccer for the past 3 years I 100% understand that feeling. Players typically don’t like dealing with writers. I felt that awkwardness again the other night in the locker room despite the club having won that match at home 3-2. As I think about it, that’s what makes the character of Ted Lasso so likeable to the writers during press conferences, because he’s absolutely so approachable and that disconnect isn’t there. Anyway, enough reflection, moving on.

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to a new footballer, Zava. Zava (played by Maximilian Osinski who you might remember from Agents of SHIELD) is an absolute talent on the pitch, but an unquestionable diva in the process, having played for 14 different teams in his 15 year career and is now available to be signee. His skills draw the attention of the teams in the Premier League, including Rupert & West Ham who make a heavy push to recruit the third person talking talent. Zava is seemingly charmed by Rupert, who once again has the upper hand on Rebecca, however Rebecca, in a surprise twist, tracked down Zava in the men’s room and utterly trashes Zava while he’s peeing (hands-free BTW) for being, as she put it, “a chickenshit”, taking the easy road instead of going somewhere that will allow himself to prove he still has the skills to win, and surprisingly convincing the self-absorbed talent to sign with AFC Richmond much to Rupert’s disgust. I’m intrigued how this storyline will progress as we saw Zava a bit in the form of Jamie in season one. Seeing Jamie come around I wonder what will happen here, but something in me makes me doubt the same thing with happen with this new character. This show is largely about redemption and being human, but introducing a character like this in the third (and supposedly final) season could make humanizing him a rush job and not something the show will likely do. My guess (and mock me if I end up being wrong): The team cuts him, he joins West Ham and Richmond will have to face him in the season finale. Formulaic, but it fits.

Roy & Keeley feel like a renewed will they/won’t they, with both clearly missing the other and struggling in their own lives. Keeley attempting to bond with her employees and the by the books CFO and Roy is being too proud to admit he screwed up in letting her go. I still feel a reconciliation and frankly, hope for it. I do dislike this trope NORMALLY, but don’t here. I know the teacher is still in the picture as a possible relationship for Roy, but I keep pulling for Reeley (if you hate the name, let me know).

Overall, a solid follow up to the first episode. Seeing the club in the first game of the season pull out a tie on the road against a heavily favored Chelsea club was a nice touch considering the past two seasons had first matches start out on a downer. I’m unsure how this season will end; Jason Sudeikis has stated that the plan was three seasons but the cast and fans have asked for more, making me wonder how they’d close out a third season if (officially) this was is NOT the end of the run. I’m excited we have 10 more episodes to go this season, but for me now I have to wait like regular folks (having been late to the Lasso-party and plowing through the first two seasons in binge-like fashion) for episode 3.


You agree with anything I said? Let me know in the comments, definitely interested to hear where you think the story will run from here. Until next time, stay awesome.

About the author – Scott Churchson has been an actor in every way for the past 13 years, from BG to stand in to stunts and principal, a sports writer for the past 4 and is one of the people that created Stream Punk Entertainment. He’s married to a veterinarian, has a cat with three working legs and is just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe.

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