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It’s Curtains For You! Taylor Swift, Not Dallas Players, Get Much Needed Curtains at AT&T Stadium

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In the nearly 15 years since AT&T Stadium became the new home of the Dallas Cowboys, one “glaring” issue has persisted: At times the sunlight can poke directly through to the field, giving players a difficult time actually doing what they’re paid to do. Check out this vid from last year as a great example. National stage, playoff home game for Dallas and the players can’t see a damn thing.

Players have complained. Former receivers Dez Bryant and Brice Butler in the past requested curtains to allow players to see what’s going on. Despite the complaints and the fact that team owner Jerry Jones and his club look foolish, Jones has maintained it’s not an issue. “I don’t see curtains at all,” Jones said. “We’re good at knowing where that sun is during these games. So, I don’t see that in the future. The sun has not been a factor at all in any win or loss we’ve had in that stadium.” 

For 14 years Cowboy nation, AMERICA’S TEAM has not been given curtains to block the obvious glare. However in a bizarre twist, Taylor Swift asked for (AND RECEIVED) curtains at AT&T Stadium for her concert.

As a Giants fan, I laugh. As someone with Cowboy fans as friends, I feel embarrassed for that franchise. For 14 years Jerry Jones said no curtains. That is his right as owner, I understand that. Would I be pissed if I was fan? Damn straight, but it’s his right as owner. However, now that it’s been shown that curtains can and will go up in certain cases, it makes the franchise look ridiculous. You’re showing your players that for all those years, their voices don’t matter. But you have a Top-40 artist come in and she gets what you’ve asked for repeatedly. It’s unfair to those players and unfair to those fans.

What I’m especially curious about now is what happens come the start of the 2023 season? You’ve shown unequivocally that you CAN do it. Now will you? As a Giants fan, I hope you don’t. As someone who feels for Cowboys nation? I 100% hope Jones gets it right going forward.

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