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FireWolves take on Thunderbirds in Franchise First Home Playoff Game

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Tomorrow the Albany FireWolves (11-7) will host the Halifax Thunderbirds (10-8) in a first round playoff matchup. With the FireWolves being the host for this game, it will also be the very first home playoff game in franchise history, a game that the entire organization is looking forward to. The FireWolves made the playoffs this season after going 3-15 in last year’s season and locked in the first overall pick with Dyson Williams. However this season was a huge turn around for Albany, storming through their schedule hitting two separate 4+ game winning streaks which the FireWolves won with high offensive prowess scoring 12+ goals in each of those games during the two winning streaks. While Albany does have the momentum coming into this game after beating their state rival, the New York Riptide, in the last regular season game of the season to secure this home playoff game, they can never take an opponent lightly and that was shown with the tough losing streaks that the team saw in the season yet
they never let that deter them in any way shape of form. As they stuck to their style of play the FireWolves were able to hold their ground in the standings to be able to face the 6 seed Halifax.

With Albany being led by rookie sensations Alex Simmons and Tye Kurtz along with Ethan Walker, Travis Longboat, Nick Chaykowsky and captain Colton Watkinson, the FireWolves will look to shut down the Thunderbirds and meet the winners of the San Diego Seals and Panther
City Lacrosse Club.

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