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For New Jersey Devils fans, this season thus far (and yes, it’s still early) has been surreal. It’s been a tough run for a club that had made the playoffs 21 out of 24 seasons with three cups and 5 Stanley Cup Finals during that time from 1987-1988 all the way to 2012. Since then the club had the third most losses in the NHL behind Buffalo and the Coyotes and a perpetual, shameful laughing stock to a once powerhouse franchise.

This season is different. With the team’s current 8 game win streak (and 11 wins in the past 12), enthusiasm is quickly rising for Jersey’s club. The Subreddit is buzzing with excitement, but moreover, belief. I mentioned on there the other day (BTW I’m CauliflowerNinja if you feel like finding me) that this year unlike years past if the team falls behind, you just feel they’ll find a way to tie it up. If they’re tied, they’ll find a way to win. And during this 8 game win streak, the longest since 2011, here are 5 facts for the subreddit, Elon’s Twitter or just chilling at the job:

1) A Tale of Two Winning Streaks – They’ve outscored their opponents 34-16. It’s been a strange mixture; with the first four wins outscoring their opponents 19-5, but in some ways equally important with the last 4 wins all coming in one goal games.

2) TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More – 14 different players make up that 34 goals scored which is a fantastic spread. While Nico Hischier & Miles Wood lead the pack during this streak with 6 and 5 goals respectively, 12 other players have scored in the 8 games, meaning everyone is a threat.

3) Too Early To Think Playoffs? – Per, the Devils now have a 79% chance of making the postseason and a 9% chance of winning the Stanley Cup, both 3rd highest in the NHL behind Vegas and Boston. BTW for Rangers haters the website has the Rangers at 45% and 2% respectively.

4) Home Or Away From Home, Doesn’t Matter – The win streak has been equal parts home and away, with 4 wins each coming both in and away from the Rock, including winning all three in their recent west coast road trip which caught the attention of much of the NHL. Additionally their 5-1-0 road record on the season is best in the East (their 6-2-0 at home is second to the Bruins if you’re curious).

5) Oh Hi Double Digit Mark – The Devils have won 8 straight 9 times, 9 straight just 4 times and only twice reached the double digit mark in a win streak (11 wins in 05-06 & 13 in 2000-01). If they can win against Phoenix at home tomorrow night and again in Montreal Tuesday it’ll just be the third time I team history with at least 10 wins in a row. Yes I’m aware I’m putting a cart before a horse here.

So there you go. 5 facts about the Devils win streak that’s caught the attention of the league. How long will it last? Definitely not forever, but enjoy the ride as the team rolls on. Stay awesome.

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