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This is a game of numbers, being an actor, folks. The more casting directors you see, the better your chances of landing something at a later date. Being an unknown it is tough enough to make a leap into the bigs because of the extreme competition, though. This is why it’s important to have an agent who is doing their part to help you get an audition. But what if you don’t have an agent? You should be out there yourself stomping the streets, looking for work anyway. Some things an actor can do to possibly land work are listed below:

Probably the most basic of these things an actor can do is, stay local. You don’t have to move to Los Angeles, New York, or Atlanta to land an acting role. It is ideal, but not necessary. You can make a splash wherever you live if you are talented. People begin to notice who the heavy players are. Only then should you consider moving to a bigger market. Then you’ll see what it’s really like. It’s fierce out there I tell you!

Network, network, network! Being on the radar of those who are “in the mix” of things can help a young actor to get in. “ABP”, Always be performing. By that I don’t mean do your best Shakespearean scene in full-on English prose, with period wardrobe. You can always do a comedic monologue to break the ice at a party or something. Someone sees you do your bit, they may say something like, “Hey, I know about a part you might be good for!” Take the money and run, so to speak.

Join websites like,,, or even It’s one of the oldest websites for actors to find work, and it’s constantly updated!

Something along the lines of networking could be to take an acting class. By being around likeminded people, you can get a sense of who the big dogs are, and from there you can sharpen skills while networking. I’ve personally worked with a few classmates on different projects. It’s totally not uncommon. Do it!

Be a reader. If an actor friend needs someone to read for them for an audition they’re doing, help them out! You can at least see what it takes to be auditioning. Of course, don’t out-stage the person you’re reading for. Most readers just offer the words in a monotone type of easy “lay-up” style. The actor auditioning is what casting is paying attention to, not the reader. Know your boundaries.

Pay attention to your finances. This is HUGE! You need to be going to shows, going to film festivals, buy a new book and read. If your money’s funny, you will fall behind. Get it together friend.

These are some ideas on what you can do to be seen. It’s a jungle out there. But for those who are prepared, and know their stuff, ready to rip at a moments notice, you will go far. Next time, I will write about how to handle rejection. No fun at all!

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About the author:
Robert Leckington is a contributing writer for Stream Punk Entertainment, and holds a dual master’s degree in communications and broadcast management from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism and Drexel University’s prestigious Westphal School of Media Arts & Design. With an undergraduate degree in journalism, Robert is a self-proclaimed media savant with a penchant for photography, loves to travel, and write about products he loves.

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