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Albany FireWolves Look To Win 3rd Straight Game

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Image Credit: Caden Balint – Stream Punk Entertainment

The Albany FireWolves (8-2) are looking to win their third straight game and attempt to weather the storm against the New York Riptide (5-6) tonight. The FireWolves started the season out on a 6 game win streak, but after dropping 2 in a row they will look to start another hot streak as they look to make a push for the NLL playoffs. However the Riptide are looking to play spoiler to the FireWolves winning streak as the Riptide look to get back into the win column themselves.

The young guns of the FireWolves are once again going to be looked to for a large contribution on offense including scoring from leading scorer Alex Simmons and Tye Kurtz, who is 3rd on this FireWolves team in scoring. While the Riptide will be looking back to their own leading scorer in Jeff Teat, who will do everything in his power to take down the pack and push the Riptide back to their winning ways.

MVP Arena Prior to the Firewolves/Riptide Match – Image Credit: Caden Balint – Stream Punk Entertainment

Caden Balint is a graduate of La Salle Institute in Troy, NY and Merrimack College in North Andover, MA and has been in love with sports forever. Whether it is watching, playing, writing, sports have always been a passion. Getting the chance to start his dream of sports journalism with Stream Punk is just the start of a long journey. In his spare time Caden enjoys playing hockey, spending time with his loved ones and playing video games but you will soon get to know him a lot more!

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