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Abella Promotions Brings Boxing Back To Bergen With Fight Night III

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Raymond “The Scientist” Cuardrado with a right to Usiel Hernandez
Image Credit: Ernesto Diaz

Boxing came back to Bergen County last night with “Bergen Fight Night III” presented by Abella Promotions. With 6 fights on the slate between 4 to 6 rounds the night was highlighted by the rematch of Nicky “The Bull” Vitone & 4-10-1 Jordan Rosario. The 9-1-1 Vitone, whose lone loss came in a split decision last year to Rosario, sought redemption in front of the sold out crowd of 600 fans at The Terrace in Paramus. However Rosario, first with a knockdown in the 3rd round followed that up with a second knockdown midway through the sixth and final round, with Vitone clearly struggling to keep his footing as he attempted to get up, was ruled unable to continue by referee Sparkle Lee, giving Rosario the TKO at 2:11 of the 6th. Said Rosario, “It’s an amazing feeling. I’m just gonna dwell on it and continue to build and do better and better in each and every fight that I can.” With two losses now to Rosario, fans will be disappointed if there isn’t a third match between these two.

The night included 5 other fights on the docket, including the first professional fight and first overall fight in 6 years for Kevin Hernandez. Hernandez, a Computer Science student at Columbia University pulled off a first round TKO over now 0-4-0 Elijah Muhammed Ogun after Ogun was ruled unable to continue due to a cut over the right eye. “This was supposed to be a retirement fight but you know boxing, it’s like a drug.”

The remaining TKO of the night came from Raymond “The Scientist” Cuadrado, who improved to 6-0-0 after his 2nd KO came after referee stoppage later in the third round. Cuadrado will be fighting again next month in Greenwich Connecticut on May 20th.

The remaining 3 fights ended with the judges, with Mike Lee improving to 10-2 with a unanimous decision over Antonio Sanchez (7-17-3 3KO), Christian Otero with a unanimous decision of his own and improving to 5-3-0 over Vinnie Denierio (3-8-0 1KO) & in his first fight Dane Hernandez fought Andre Hinmon (0-2-1) to a split decision draw.

Rumors persist that Fight Night IV is on the way, aiming for sometime late summer. As we learn more here we will definitely cover it in detail both before and after.

To learn more about Abella Promotions, check them out here:
Instagram: @abellaboxing

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