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Aaron Rodgers is Now Finally a Jet! History Shows, This Jets Deal May Not Work

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It took a fair bit of time, but Aaron Rodgers is now officially a New York Jet. It’s a deal that initially came with some skeptisism but lead to intrigue and finally an announcement on the Pat McAfee show a month ago. Finally, after weeks of speculation, the move was finalized in what seems to be a fairly even deal:

Here’s where this gets interesting. Our Stream Punk fellow boss-man (and avid Jets fan himself) JD Walker pointed out that Jets owner Woody Johnson has a history of making splash moves in retaliation to the success of their stadium rivals the New York Giants. Need proof? Here’s some facts for you:

2008 – The Giants win Super Bowl 42. Jets add Brett Favre in flashy deal for following season.
2012 – The Giants win Super Bowl 46. Jets add Tim Tebow in flashy deal for the following season.
2022 – The Giants get back to the playoffs & win a game, Jets miss again. Jets add Aaron Rodgers in flashy deal for the following season.

JD is as disgruntled a Jets fan as any are, but also one of the most analytical ones out there. But he does have a point, history has shown that Woody has a certain panic need to fill the back pages with his club. But will it work? Let’s throw some more facts at you:

Brett Favre’s last season with the Packers – 28 TDs, 15 INTs & 4155 passing yards.
Brett Favre’s only season with the Jets – 22 TDs, 22 INTs, & 3472 passing yards (and one scandal)

Tim Tebow’s last season with the Broncos – 12 TDs 6 INTs, & 1729 yards.
Tim Tebow’s only season with the Jets – 8 total passes, 39 yards passing, 102 yards rushing (a massively bad experiment)

Lastly, when it comes to Aaron Rodgers, this is what we’re looking at: 26 TDs, 12 INTs, 3695 yards.

The first two didn’t work as planned, but looked good at the time. They got people talking and the Trent Crimm’s of the football world talking. Will it work this time around? Personally I have my doubts, but even as a Giants fan, I have my hopes that I’m wrong here. There’s something special here in the New York area when both NFL teams here reach the playoffs, there’s a different energy at the stadium and I love it. One person that doesn’t love it though, is Zach Wilson. Gotta wonder what he’s thinking right about now:

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