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Thank You Devils For An Awesome Year. 6 Exciting Things From This Season

Damn this season was amazing. After a decade of unbridled misery the New Jersey Devils plowed out a team record 52 wins (previous high was 49 back in 06-07) and a team record of 112 points.…

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After Two Games, I’m A Suffering Devils Fan Again

Okay Ranger fans, don't kick a guy when he's down. I get it, your team has been owning my team. After two games and a pair of New Jersey Devils 5-1 losses at the Prudential Center,…

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Back To The Dance At Last! Devils Clinch First Playoff Birth Since 2018

This past decade has sucked being a New Jersey Devils fan. When the team was trash back in the 80s (I was a kid then) it was different because we didn't know any better. But missing…

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